Art of Precision

The Bhumi Technocast Story

Picture a world where boundaries dissolve, and imagination takes flight! From our majestic foundry in Rajkot, Gujarat, we orchestrate a symphony of innovation, breathing life into intricate castings since 2013.
With a monthly capacity of 60 metric tons, we fashion awe-inspiring creations, ranging from ethereal grams to mighty 100-kilogram marvels. Every masterpiece emerges from the fusion of art and engineering, embodying the very essence of our passion.
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Experience the magic of casting with Bhumi Technocast

Several decades in the industry of investment casting has brought BTPL the experience and knowledge it requires to produce the stainless steel castings with razor sharp tolerance that is recognized as one of the best in the market
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Art of Precision

The Bhumi Technocast

Since 2013, Bhumi Technocast has excelled in precision investment casting, producing 720 MT annually. With a focus on irrigation, agriculture, and PVC manufacturing, it operates from Rajkot’s prime industrial area. Serving 50+ industries worldwide, including aerospace and automotive, it upholds a global reputation for unwavering quality and customer commitment with its motto, “Committed to Value, Committed to Quality.”

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